Creation of Corporate Terminology

Creation of terminology parallel to translation free of charge

Along with each translation, we generally provide a glossary with important terminology from the translation. We can thus ensure that the same terms are used even in different translations.

Creation of corporate terminology

If you would like to benefit from clearly defined terminology not only in translations, we will be pleased to support you with the creation of individual corporate terminology. Approved and accepted corporate terminology can not only help to avoid misunderstandings, but also to create a consistent corporate image.

The main steps for the creation of corporate terminology are the following:

  • Analysis of the current state:

    Which terms are used in the company / in different departments and how are they defined?
  • Terminology research:

    Which terms are normally used in the sector / in the respective field of technology and how are they defined?
  • Evaluation of the results:

    Based on the analysis and terminology research, unambiguous terms are chosen in collaboration with you. These are included in a glossary or database with precise definitions.

In order to achieve the highest possible acceptance of the terminology, we make sure that all departments are involved in the preparation and the analysis of the current state of terminology.

As required, the corporate terminology may be bilingual or cover more than two languages.