Languages and Rates


Besides the in-house languages of German, English and French we also offer translations into all European languages as well as Arabic, Chinese and Japanese in cooperation with our worldwide translation partners. We also offer handling of documents in Simplified Technical English.

Translations into other languages may be offered on request.

Transparent pricing per word

Prices for translations are calculated based on the number of words in the source text. The price per word for standard languages starts at 0.15 EUR and depends on the language combination and level of difficulty of the text. Additional costs may be incurred for the layout of the target documents.

Please do not hesitate to request an individual quotation.

Saving costs with translation memory systems

Using translation memory systems in a reasonable way can not only enhance the quality of translations and make the translation process more efficient, but may also help to reduce costs.

For sentences which have already been translated in previous translations we only charge a reduced price per word. To be able to fully comprehend the calculation and directly see the cost savings, you will receive a detailed analysis with each quotation.