Text Optimisation

Besides checking your texts for linguistic correctness, we also offer proofreading with regard to content, structure and style. We are also available if you have a document that needs improvement and you do not have the time for optimisation.

Proofreading with regard to content

As objective experts, we check the contents of your document for comprehensibility and logic and provide practical advice.

Optimisation for different media

Different types of text and media require different structuring and wording. On websites for example, it must be particularly easy for the reader to scan the text, whereas for printed manuals, completeness and clarity are essential. We will be pleased to revise your texts for different media and text types.

Target-oriented authoring

The target group of a text is another important aspect for the presentation of content. The structure and wording of a brief instruction for an engineer with substantiated technical knowledge may be entirely different from the manual designed for the end user of a product. We support you in the analysis of your target group and optimise your texts accordingly.


If required, we also offer completion of incomplete texts or the creation of documents based on notes.