Website Translation

Websites have become companies' flagships in many sectors of industry. Besides presenting the services and products offered, websites also provide a means to establish a corporate image of the company. We ensure that not only the facts on your website, but also the desired image are communicated in other languages. Our translators take into consideration cultural and mental differences and adapt content or wording accordingly.


Data provision

For the translation you only need to send us the files in HTML or XML format together with the DTD. These files can easily be processed with a translation memory system.
In order to make sure that we can take into consideration the positioning of the text and the available space, please provide an overview of the current layout by sending us the respective files or a screenshot of the website.

Translation with a translation memory system

The files are translated using translation memory systems in compliance with the general rules of usability, search engine optimisation, etc.


In order to ensure a professional image of the website, proofreading of the files in the final layout may be useful. If required, we will be pleased to perform this additional quality check for you.